Welcome to the Anarcho Mystic! I made this page as a cohesive resource for political, spiritual, anthropological and sociological reference, after continually researching and referencing things for some time has left my bookmarks a chaotic and overwhelming compilation of obscure source material. I am no expert in any of the topics discussed on this page, just a passionate human who seeks what we all seek, answers and purpose. Please try to have an open mind about what I have to share with you, and don’t just take my word for it. I will provide enough information to hopefully allow the subjects to be understood, but more importantly I will try to provoke questions in your mind for you to research deeper. I myself have had a habit of being extremely resistant to being told things, I have had to find the facts for myself and now there is no doubt or denial in my mind. If you have doubts or questions or simply can’t believe what I am saying, feel free to contact me to talk about it. If you can conclusively prove anything I say to be inaccurate or false I will gladly retract and revise my statements.

I have a lot of skepticism pertaining to the dishonest media; the blatant and unabashed misdirection, misrepresentation, manipulation and manufacturing of politically motivated propaganda, exploiting people’s base instincts to create confusion and chaos amongst us. We live in a time of great duress, the constant barrage of fraudulent and ill intentioned pop culture news, full of bias, blatant lies and psychological corralling to separate and divide us. Elite funded trolls say deliberately hateful and contentious things behind fake accounts to enrage our deeper sensitivities in regards to race, class, religion and politics. They would have you believe that these despicable and inexcusable mindsets are commonplace, and I refuse to believe that, in my experiences with people I firmly believe that the majority are not bigoted, closed minded or detestable. However, we constantly see this narrative being pushed upon us and thus we alienate ourselves from each other based on what we see in pop media as opposed to what we see every day in the flesh. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely people that buy wholeheartedly into the hatred, I just don’t think its as all encompassing as certain factions make it out to be. In this world it’s almost impossible to distinguish true fact from the fictitious charade we’re all consigned to, and so I have dug deeper and deeper and deeper into the whirlwind of conflicting and confusing information, desperate to make some sense of it all.

My search for clarity ultimately uncovered many incredible truths, and that journey led me to see many heartbreaking realities. The true nature of our society, the other side of the story nobody wants to believe, our ruthless oppressors and the traps laid out so insidiously for us all to fall into. The invisible chains fastening around our feet while we dissociate into a fabricated matrix, in which we are placated and distracted with celebrity, consumerism, vanities and mendacities. All the while the most abhorrent abuses of life and liberty you can fathom are happening all around us every second of the day while we deny, downplay and outright ignore it. We are encouraged to solely focus on ourselves, look out for number one, we are told it’s a dog eat dog world, we blame the victims of socioeconomic and political undermining because of the causative stigma associated with poverty, trauma and misfortune. There are more people suffering right now than there are smiling, there are more people in poverty today than are even lower middle class, there are more people displaced and downtrodden than there are with a roof over their head and shining future prospects. The reality of the world is so bleak, the only way to ensure the people continue to allow it is to fill their minds with other more pleasant and mindless things or less confronting controversial dialogues about petty and irrelevant things that keep our mindset in a subtly negative fugazi state. The corruption and deception is so deep, awakening yourself to the reality feels like you’ve gone to opposite land, up is down, good is bad, and the more you know, the less you know.

Humans are being brainwashed en masse to keep us servile and docile, while they weaponize our ignorance to manipulate us into doing the dirty work on their behalf. They incite hatred, violence, desperation and dissent so we sell our brothers, sisters and ourselves out, while they systemically enslave and impoverish us without our awareness. Knowledge is power, my favourite cliché, because the information out there will completely transform you and empower you to live your life life with unshakable conviction and faith. Before the empowerment, you first need to accept that 90% of what you believe is just varying degrees of programming. This is an incredibly painful process, it is understandable to feel waves of disillusionment, grief, terror and rage. Accepting you know nothing is the first step to really knowing anything, and truly understanding the nature of the system we are in is imperative to the survival of the people as we are herded to slaughter using disinformation, fear mongering and duplicitous laws and regulations.

Not everything that glitters is gold, and doing your own research a lot of the time will lead you to a complete idealogical backflip when you can see the prolific evidence available. Many things I once unwittingly fought in favour of, such as singularism, technocracy (even singularitarianism in my misguided indoctrination), vehement atheism, the wars on drugs and terror, population control, capital punishment, touting the benefits of fluoridated water, genetically modified food and vaccination, completely duped into believing those things were in any way meant to benefit humanity. The history books lied to us, sciences limited scope has kept us in the dark, the media and pop culture have inflamed our ego’s and our insecurities, and the educational system has deliberately dumbed us down to prime us for a lifetime of fruitless and empty servitude just to afford the bare minimum basic necessities we need to survive and comply. We are constantly told that if we work our fingers to the bone we can make it, when in reality they expect the majority of us to flounder and fail because there simply isn’t enough wealth to be distributed amongst those who really need it. Our equity is constantly being taken from us by greedy, selfish and unethical oligarchs to keep us in a weakened state. Collectively, if we are too busy worrying about how were going to feed ourselves and pay our bills we wont have time to be concerned with global issues or to question the nature of our perceived experience.

I used to blame people for the problems of the world, but your fellow man is not the enemy. The beast is a well organized system, where that 1% orchestrates every event unfolding before our eyes, a system that chews up and spits out the bodies of the sick, poor, abused, foreign, unfortunate and the young. Many of the leaders I looked up to, role models in music, film, politics, business, sciences and admirable historical figures, it was a rude awakening to find out that they are not the people I thought they were. True depravity is so utterly rampant among the elite that I have abandoned any modicum of trust I had in any government or governing agency past and present.

Im tired of the bullshit and the lies. I’m tired of scrolling through my social media and feeling like I’m insane for seeing things nobody else seems to see. It saddens me so deeply to see the effects of intentional systematic conditioning and social engineering so evidently ingrained in the minds of the people. The cognitive dissonance is so intrinsic to most of us that we simply exist, autonomously processing our surroundings and relying on our faulty convictions based on nothing more than repetitive enforcement from those that desire to control and suppress us. They have nothing without us, they only have finite power over those who allow the conditioning to keep their minds and souls enslaved, by buying into the many distractions and misdirections that are constantly shoved in our faces. We need to look into the darkness to see the light, we must see the depth of the shadows to free ourselves from them. We have it all within us to wake up, we can usher in a new age and a new way of living if we stand with one another in solidarity and love.

There is no point in me knowing any of this if I can’t share it with you, I started this page because I love you. Knowing what I know, I feel a responsibility to my brothers and sisters to help elevate and uplift your minds and souls. The world is a scary place, but operating from a place of fearlessness in faith, a mindset towards peace and unity, and unflinching unconditional love can liberate us all. It starts with you, but the mere impact one person’s simple shift in consciousness makes will change the fabric of society and the future of our world. Readers are leaders, and I hope in becoming fundamentally aware of who we really are you are empowered to take a stand for your souls purpose and the deliverance and fulfillment of human kind. All the rest is just a waste of our precious energy, and our ever subsiding time. Namasté.

“Now is the time to develop trust in our basic goodness and the basic goodness of our sisters and brothers on this earth; a time to develop confidence in our ability to drop our old ways of staying stuck and to choose wisely. We could do that right here and right now.” ~ Pema Chödrön